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2020 Year GSM (Bluetooth) Audio Box For Wireless Micro Earpiece

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  • Brand Name: ANYSECU
  • Item Type: Earphone
  • Origin: CN(Origin)

2020 year GSM (Bluetooth) box for Wireless Micro Earpiece

Main function description:
Frankly speaking, its like mobile phone, just without screen. It can receive phone call. This device is GSM card with induction coil transmiting sound by low frequency radio waves into Wireless Micro Earpiece. Device working with all kind of Wireless Micro Earpiece. It have sensitive microphone and strong recharchable battery. Chargeing by USB cable. Device use SIM card and make connection by GSM network. SIM card not included in package. 
  • Insert SIM card into device and make a call to SIM card number.
  • Device will automaticly receive a call, and wireless transmit sound to earpiece.
  • Wireless distance from device to Micro Earpiece 20-50 cm (depends of earpiece model and enviroment noisy)
  • More near distance to earpiece = More loudly sound in Earpice.
  • Just keep it in you chest pocket. If wear t-shirt use tape stick it on body (girls can keep it under bra belt).
Descriprion model with Bluetooth function:
  • Not need insert SIM card.
  • Device can pair with your mobile phone by bluetooth (as comon handsfree).
  • Then tour friend can call your phone. You answer a call and phone will send sound by bluetooth to device. Device will send sound to Wirelass Micro Earpiece.
Wireless Micro Earpiece:
It use battery (size 337) mostly used in watch. Battery not include in package. There is no ON/OFF button on earpiece. Plug in battery, and earpiece will start working. Battery working time 2-5 hours (depends of batery condition). If earpiece not use, unplug battery. Earpiece are made from common plastic, same as others handsfree.


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     Dear customers from Turkey,

      According your country law, every GSM device must use only Turkey IMEI.
      This IMEI number you can purchase in your country.
      Without your country IMEI number, it can work only few days.
  • Send that IMEI number to us with your order.
  • We will flash it into the device’s memory.
  • Then you can use this device in Turkey without limit.

     Sorry for price diferent, but flash device is made by thirt party and also cost as a lot.


Thank you for your understanding.​​​​